Fake or Real? | 真的假的?

With ever growing market and high demand for XHEKPON Brand, there are many fake products available these days, which are usually sold at less price. These fake products are definitely not effective, can provoke allergy reactions and finally can cause irreversible health problems. 

We are receiving a lot of requests from the buyers asking to assist on identification of the product for authenticity. All of them are related to Xhekpon Creams and unfortunately, in most cases, the test for authenticity fails, suggesting that there are more fakes in the market than authentic ones. 

To avoid the mistake of falling in trap of imitation or fake products one must check the product before purchasing it.

We, at Xhekpon USA, always support and protect our customers against fake and counterfeit products and sellers. For this reason we have purchased fake products from different sellers and based on this we have prepared a short presentation to share with our customers. Scroll over to find out how you can distinguish between a real and a fake Xhekpon Creams.


我们收到了很多买家要求协助识别产品真实性的请求。所有这些都与Xhekpon霜 有关,不幸的是,在大多数情况下,真实性测试都失败了,这表明市场上的假货比真品更多


我们在Xhekpon 美国,始终支持并保护我们的客户免受假冒伪劣产品和卖家的侵害。出于这个原因,我们从不同的卖家那里购买了假冒产品,在此基础上我们准备了一个简短的演示文稿,与我们的客户分享。滚动查看如何区分真实和假冒的Xhekpon霜。

1. Packaging | 包装

First thing you do to check the authenticity of the product is to check the packaging. There are several sign that can reveal the fake. In most cases, the barcode on fake products has much lighter color than on real one. The same can be noticed for the silver wave sign demonstrated in the photo below.

首先要检查产品的真实性是检查包装。有几个迹象可以揭示假货。 在大多数情况下,假冒产品的条形码比真实条形码的条形码要轻(光亮)得多。有几个迹象可以揭示假货。 在大多数情况下,假冒产品的条形码比真实条形码的条形码要淡得多。对于下图中显示的银波标志,可以注意到同样的情况。

 Xhekpon Cream fake vs real 1

Another section of the package worth to pay attention is the side where the expiry date and batch number are located. In the photo below one can see the difference in the stamp. The genuine product has clear stamp meanwhile the stamp of the fake one is quiet blurry. In addition to this, usually, the fake creams are coming with 5 sign batch number. However, this is not an exception for genuine creams.

值得注意的包装的另一部分是有效期和批号所在的一侧。在下面的照片中,您可以看到品牌的差异。 真正的产品印刷清晰,而假印刷品则相当模糊。除此之外,通常假面霜都带有5个标志批号。 然而,这不是正品霜的例外。

Xhekpon Cream Fake vs Real 2

In addition you can check the main face of the box. You should pay attention on the fonts that are used for the text. For example the letter "O" from authentic product is oval shaped, meanwhile the one for some fakes is round shape.

此外,您可以检查框的主面。 您应该注意用于文本的字体。例如,来自正宗产品的字母“O”是椭圆形的,而一些假货的字母是圆形的。

Xhekpon Cream Fake vs Real 5

Once the package is open, before taking the tube out, pay attention to the package insert (white folded sheet of paper with instructions of use). The package insert of genuine cream is always folded in the box. In contrast, the package inserts of some fake products come flat.

打开包装后,在取出试管之前,请注意包装说明书(带有使用说明的白色折叠纸)。正品霜的包装插页总是折叠在盒子里。 相比之下,一些假冒产品的包装插页是扁平的。

Xhekpon Cream Fake vs Real 3

2. Tube | 管子

After examining and opening the box, you can go further and continue your observations on the tube. In some cases, in comparison with the genuine creams, the tubes of counterfeit products are much shorter. This is demonstrated in the image below.

检查并打开盒子后,您可以进一步继续观察管子。在某些情况下,与真正的乳霜相比,假冒产品的管子要短得多。 这在下图中进行了说明。

Xhekpon Cream Fake vs Real 6

Moreover, there is a difference in coloring of the text on the tube. The pink color of some fakes is darker than of genuine ones. 

而且,管上文字的颜色有差异。 一些假货的粉红色比真货更暗。

In addition, one can pay attention to the batch code and the expiry date mark on the tube. These marks are blurry on fakes due to low quality machinery. Instead, on genuine products these marks are much clear. 

此外,可以注意管上的批次代码和有效期标记。 由于机械质量低,这些标记在假货上很模糊。 相反,在真正的产品上,这些标记非常清晰。

Finally, one of the most important points pay attention is the head section of the tube. Take the plastic cap off and look at the head. Genuine products are always coming with a well marked inner circle. Unlike to the real one, this inner circle is absent on almost all fake creams. Moreover, there is a difference in the metal quality. This can be easily noticed since the heads of genuine creams are much shiny, as shown in the image below.

最后,要注意的最重要的一点是管子的头部。取下塑料盖,看看头部。 真正的产品总是带有明显的内圈。与真实的不同,几乎所有假面霜都不存在这个内圈。而且,金属质量存在差异。 这很容易被注意到,因为正品面霜的头部有很光泽,如下图所示。

3. Texture | 纹理

If you still have doubts on the product you have purchased, you might like to do a simple test with the cream. For this you can take 2 cups of water and fill with cold water. Normally, the fake cream will dissolve after some minutes but the genuine one won't. 

如果您对购买的产品仍有疑问,可以选择使用霜进行简单的测试。为此,您可以拿2杯冷水并加入霜。 通常情况下,假霜会在几分钟后溶解,但真正的霜不会溶解。

Another test that we conducted was with empty transparent glasses. When we put both creams on the inner face of the glass, the fake cream was flowing down, while the genuine was more sticky.

我们进行的另一项测试是使用两个空透明杯子。 当我们将两种面霜都放在玻璃杯的内表面上时,假霜就会流下来,而真正的霜更粘。

As a conclusion, we would strongly recommend all our customers not only to rely on these tests but also to buy authentic products only from official distributors or stores.